A squirrel's beetroot haul

Last week I bought a large bunch of beetroot from the green grocers; there were six lovely, large beetroots in the bunch which is way more than we could eat in a week. We managed to eat two, before beetroot overload set in!

Not wanting to pickle them, as I'm not a massive fan of pickled beetroot (I know home-pickled would be much nicer and less harsh than the shop bought variety, but even so...) and not wanting to make a relish as my mum makes a good one with beetroot, orange and star anise (which we have a jar or two of already) I decided to plant them in the garden. The roots were intact and I reckoned the beetroots would react to their natural environment and last a bit longer...

So I didn't forget about them, or have to traipse up to the end of the garden (it's only 100ft!) to dig them up I planted them in the border along the side of the conservatory. 

I wasn't expecting to see this, this morning:

I guess the local squirrels were also quite pleased with my plan, but seems they're not fans of eating beetroot. Either that or he's working out how to get his haul home and will be back later with reinforcements!