Almost at the end of phase 1...

Apparently we've done well. Just five and a half months after starting, we are almost through the majority of work we set out to achieve. Five and a half months. That is not doing it well, we expected for the work to be fully completed by end-August, and we thought that was generous!

And two rooms were dropped from the plans, along with a small wall downstairs by the stairs as it was just becoming too tricky. And now we need the dining room wall re-papered as the difference in colour didn't dry out like the decorator said it would. 

We thought end-August based on the plans, plus some from the people carrying out the work. It just goes to show how wrong you can be sometimes...

So are we straight yet? Well no, and we're not even that close really. Now we've unpacked some of our things, we've re-packed the boxes with other things and are now managing these more sensibly. But we're still not straight, there's always the things you don't know quite what to do with and we have a box for those now!

So since the middle of June we have had:

  • A new patio and stone circle laid,
  • A new kitchen installed with new appliances
  • The exterior of our three storey house completely redecorated, front and back
  • The study and spare room on the top floor redecorated, including having the floors sanded
  • The spiral staircase sanded and varnished, as well as having the stairwell and landings redecorated
  • The downstairs redecorated and floor sanded and re-varnished. 

There's still more to do yet, although the next batch of work will be known - as is tradition - as phase 2!  But nothing I suspect will happen until the New Year now!