Breakfast in Greenwich

Originally the plan for today was to go shopping in the West End so MOH could buy a linen outfit to wear at the beach wedding we're going to in Barbados next month. However after a long Saturday at work (he didn't get home until 10:30pm) it didn't happen. We had a lovely (and much needed) lazy morning. So lazy In fact that I hadn't even baked the sourdough for breakfast. So we needed a plan B, our usual plan B involves going to Hand Made Food in Blackheath for something bacon-related. Fearing that we were on the late side for their bacon we needed to consider other options. 

MOH asked Google and it suggested Royal Teas on Royal Hill in Greenwich. Why not, we thought. As we left here it started to rain so our plan was hastily adjusted to include a bus into Greenwich - the 386 came before the 286 so we took that as a sign to head to Royal Hill (the 286 terminates two bus stops before that). 

Past the Creaky Shed and the fantabulous, but shut (probably a good thing!) Cheese Shop on Royal Hill, past both pubs and then we saw it:
To be honest, our first thoughts were it was shut, but it wasn't. In we went. It immediately felt welcoming and quirky, it was also pretty full but we shared a table towards the back of the cafe with a very young couple, probably on their first or second date. Oh, those were the days...!

I didn't know the place was completely vegetarian and although I had bacon in mind, I was fine with having a vegetarian breakfast. There was a vegetarian sausage on the full English equivalent but tbh I'm even less of a fan of meat substitute products, especially when there's smoked salmon on the menu!  So I ordered Eggs Royale and MOH ordered the American pancake - they were good, but to be honest, not great.  The drinks were good though, MOH had a flat white and I had a pot of chai spice (loose leaf) tea, which was divine. The cakes also looked good, but we passed on those (yes, I know!). When we left I said to MOH I wasn't sure I'd go back, not because of the food, or the atmosphere, but because of the waiter. Everything seemed a bit too much trouble for him, things like taking our order or daring to remember what people had ordered so they didn't need to recite it when they paid. Just small things like that. It's a shame really, as first impressions really do count.  Maybe we got him on a bad day...

We decided to head to Greenwich market for a mooch around. Usually there's some fab things there and at this time of year, with Christmas approaching, the market can really come into itself. 

Today was one of those days!  Just look at these gorgeous Chicken doorstops, which the smallholder was keen to point out also "came flat-packed!"  I bought a couple of the flat-pack versions as a present and now I just need to get the filling. Either sand or rice would do, but for a heavier version it was suggested that "fish tank gravel" made of crushed marble would do the job. 

(I am sure my parents had garden furniture in the design above back in the 70s/80s!)

We also saw the most beautiful picture, which had us both mesmerised, it was enchanting. The artist told us how the layers were built up over a number of weeks, we were fascinated. We're still thinking about the picture, but I'm seriously tempted. 

Leaving the picture and mulling it over we headed to the food end of the market. You knew cakes wouldn't completely be left out, didn't you?  We took home a cake each... Salted caramel Brownie...  

Billionaires shortbread...  Yum.

A good day, especially after a walk back home through Greenwich park. Definitely a day recharging our batteries.