Fence repairs

A few weeks ago the St Jude storm damaged our back garden fence (see Leaning fences). Today the gardener was back to repair it.

While one went "shopping" for supplies, the other made a start on dismantling the ivy clad fence. It soon became apparent that the ivy had done its worst on the panels and they were disintegrating as the ivy was pulled off the panel. There was also no way we'd be able to re-use the 2ft trellis fence toppers, so they too would need to be replaced. 

This was the largest piece of 6ft fence panel that was removed:

Thankfully, none of the debris needed to come through our house (we don't have any side access) as our neighbour kindly offered the use of their side access for this. Given the decorating we've just done this was gratefully accepted. 

While the work took place we had a temporary garden "extension"!

Shortly after lunchtime the two new fence panels and two new posts were up:

And the ivy was gone!

The trellis still needs to go on the top and that will most likely be added later in the week. We'll also add some expandable trellis to the panels so we can easily grow plants up them, although we'll try and restrict the Ivy's growth, giving the honeysuckle and jasmine more of a chance. I'm also tempted to add a clematis and a Passion flower when the time is right to plant them, and hopefully I'll be able to tempt the everlasting sweet peas along here too...