Finishing off?

Clearly finishing off isn't a strong point for either our decorators or kitchen fitters. Neither are rushing to finish the job or collect their lays payment (for both it's around £4k so not an insignificant amount of money). 

It's tiring to try and make this happen too. I know I must, but it's a real fag. Last week I emailed our kitchen installation manager as despite having dates which we were available (which had come and gone) he was still remaining elusive. Last Wednesday evening he assured me he'd be in touch tomorrow. Well guess what, there's been nothing yet!  So tomorrow I'll be upping the ante and be on the phone to the office. Three emails in October - all of which were initiated by me - doesn't seem like behaviour of someone that's committed to get the job finished. It's the mis-match of words to actions that's frustrating. 

The decorator is much the same although he did leave me a voicemail to say it would be early November before he would be able to return. I suspect he'll be asking his decorator to come over next Saturday which means we'll have a day of doing very little, other than supervising the decorator. And after that we'll discuss the price.  Again. 

Wish me luck in pinning both of these down and finally getting two thirds of the work completed. The third remaining is ironically the work that absolutely needed doing...  

Which is why we're having to have a phase 2 (as there was no way we were continuing with the same decorating company), but still the thought of starting out again isn't a great one. Although on the plus side, moving out of our bedroom (date still tbd) in the winter rather than the summer is a good thing. Our top spare bedroom will be cosy at this time of year, whereas in the summer it would have been uncomfortable!