Is today the day?

Yesterday was the day for the kitchen people to return and mostly* they did. Not until the afternoon, but that was known so was ok. They got through a few of the things on the list including

- re-fitting the end panel in our pan cupboard which they cut in error,

- sorting out the rough edge on one of the larder cupboard doors,

- making good around the hinge cut out on the cupboard door by the boiler, and most importantly

- fitting spotlights on the lower display shelf above the sink. 

Already this is making a huge difference, look:

* I say mostly as the glass company were supposed to come in the morning but didn't arrive. I don't know if this was a mistake on their part or because our installation manager didn't arrange it. I'm tempted to think the latter, given a conversation with the kitchen fitter but I may be doing him a huge disservice, so will leave it there until I know for sure. 

Today should be the day for the return of the decorator in what we are saying is their last opportunity to snag. We don't think that's unfair, this has been dragging on now since 8 July!  And still, we're not finished even with the reduced scope.  

Anyway, it's meant an early start on a Saturday as usually they'd be here by 8am. So far nothing. Maybe they're having my lie in...


The doorbell rang at 8:36am. Today is the return of the decorator. 

The front door has already been repainted; the paint drips removed from under the radiator in the main living room and the yellow dust is being hoovered from the funnel that is our spiral staircase (wood dust it seems goes up!)

That leaves

- the single drop of wallpaper to be hung,

- some debris to be removed from the conservatory roof and

- some filling and repainting in the porch. 

We could make it through the list today!