Love this #15: Capturing December

I saw this

photo-a-day challenge

on the

Lulabelle blog

and I'm going to give it a go. I'm not sure how it will go as we're off to Barbados for ten days that month, but we'll see.  

What's the worst that can happen, hey? I can always post some photos from a few days together if I need to... 


 know it's from last year, but I just discovered it on Pinterest and fancy giving it a go...

Anyway, the challenge is to take a picture a day following the theme given. On the blog, Lianne says 

"This is such a fun way to get those creative juices flowing AND you capture memories that will last a lifetime! Even if you don’t want to do every day, this can still be used as a holiday photo checklist to make sure you capture some of those important moments during the Christmas season! 

I'm hoping that I'll manage some creativity, it's one of the things I'm enjoying rediscovering as part of this blog, especially now that we're in a bit of a lull in redecorating our house and now that I have more time. That's time for me to do things other than work full-time, run a house, grow vegetables, play sport, be a wife and daughter and friend and everything else life throws at me. Fun times indeed!

Feel free to join in, or just view my photos - I'm sure that Lianne will be pleased and flattered that her photo-a-day challenge lives on!