Muffin doughnuts and wallpaper!

It's true, the decorators were back and blitzing through the snag list. We have [most of] the paint cleaned off the spotlights! the front door repainted and wallpaper up in the dining room - although I have mixed feelings about this so far. That's because it's noticeably a different colour to the already hung wallpaper, but the decorator assured us it was because it was still wet. This sounded plausible sowed let it go, this morning it's still a different colour so not sure how long a piece of wallpaper hung over a radiator needs to dry.... Hmmm. 

The front door has also been repainted and definitely looks less blotchy. The downside to that was that despite it being a chilly November day we spent the whole day yesterday with the front door open giving it time to dry. By 4:30pm, with three layers on (including my coat) I gave up and shut the door reasoning that it wouldn't dry much more anyway...

It seems to have over-nighted quite well and there was only a small "sticking part" at the top of the door, which we'll need to you up when the weather is warmer. I'm ok with that because yesterday they tried to do what they could to repair the shoddy finish from before. 

But as I said the jury's still out on the wallpaper front!  It's nice to have that wall finished - see the photos below - but it would have been nicer (and better) if the decorator had listened to us and held off hanging wallpaper here completely until the larder cupboards were in their final position. I would also have liked some input into the placement of the pattern. I'd assumed - clearly wrongly - that any decorator worth their salt would have centred the pattern. Our decorators clearly have no salt in their cellar. If the colour does not even out then this wall will need to be redone and I will encourage them to provide the wallpaper. I won't be inviting them back to redo the wallpapering, despite what they may suggest. 

I can't believe that once again, they've managed to do this. One day maybe I will share the name of the company, but not yet..


Immediately after:

And this morning:

In an attempt to warm up and cheer ourselves up I decided some baking was needed. I remembered some doughnut-muffin-concoction that looked easy enough to do and had wanted to make some to take into the office as birthday treats back in May. That didn't quite happen as MOH and I ended up going to Paris overnight (like you do) instead. 

I dug out the recipe and here they are:

They're good - and even better for being customisable!  As well as raspberry jam some of mine have damson jam fillings and others have mincemeat filling. Now of course I can't remember which has which, so each time it's like a doughnut-muffin surprise! 

I'm definitely making these again and have already contemplated alternative fillings such as Nutella, lemon curd and marmalade (as that will mean we can legitimately eat them for breakfast!) as well as rolling them in cinnamon sugar. 

Oh! Imagine apple compote and cinnamon sugar! 

For the recipe see the BBC Good Food website: