My gratitude journal

I'm having a tough time of it emotionally on the work front at the moment, in fact my whole group are. Many of us know what will be, will be when it can be - but we're finding that the inbetween stage isn't a great place.

One of the things I'm using to help me through this period is my gratitude journal. It's something I'd seen and liked the look of on one of the blogs I follow - Lulu the baker.  I never thought I'd really use one and even if I did I didn't imagine it would be put into use quite so soon after seeing this post:  Fresh holiday traditions gratitude

I'm naturally a positive thinker, but sometimes when things are tough even the most optimistic amongst us need some help. 

For me, right now, this is working. 

Each night I take a few moments to write down the things I am thankful for that day. 

Sometimes they're big, often they're small. 

Sometimes they're funny or sad but mostly they're just normal things. 

Taking some time to reflect on the positive things helps me end the day remembering life isn't all bad. 

Try it if you're feeling blue, you may find it works for you too.