No peeking now!

Last night MOH and I hit the West End. Our goal was to find MOH an outfit for the upcoming wedding in Barbados. I mean, having known about the wedding since April and where it was taking place, of course you'd leave it until now to buy an outfit...

Anyway MOH's plan was Selfridges. That was his total plan. Luckily for him (and me) it came off, but it wasn't easy. There isn't much call for linen at this time of year in the UK!

As we were in Selfridges, and as they had 20% off and one of their helpful sales assistants let me photograph the voucher for re-use around the store, we did some Christmas shopping. I did so well in fact that I only have two presents left to buy!  Hooray!

Keep your fingers crossed that my remaining presents are easy to get!