The most organised kitchen cupboards ever...

...well, for me. And for now anyway!

It's a little bit scary I know but we're starting out as we mean to go on. I am sure as time goes by, and as MOH gets his hands in and out of the cupboards things will change. Perhaps an update in six months or a years time will be different, we'll see. 

We're now using the two tall larder cupboards as the mainstay of our food storage, here's the left-hand cupboard:

And the right-hand cupboard:

 The bottom shelf shown above has mostly become the "duplicates" shelf and yes I do have a whole shelf devoted to bread flour. MOH hasn't spotted that yet, but no doubt will at some point and pass a suitably "witty" comment. 

No doubt he'll still be unable to find things, despite being talked through and helping me stack the cupboards...