Capturing December - catching up with days 20-23!

I haven't posted for the past few days, but I've still been collecting photos that match this Capturing December challenge, so here goes:

Capturing December day 20: tree topper
As we've been away we don't have our own proper tree and while I've seen lots of trees I wanted to post something that really captured my December, rather than just fitting with the day's theme. 

Not having a tree or decorations didn't seem right either, so here's my make-do tree. 

It's a metal card holder in a Christmas tree shape and rather than slot the cards into the holders I've hung some baubles over them instead along with some gold beads. 

It was all looking a bit uniform so I swapped in a cheeky blue glittery bauble at the last moment. 

I'm rather pleased with it! 

It fits with the theme of the day - tree topper - in that it doesn't have one! I couldn't find a way to add anything that didn't spoil the look of it, so I've lefit bare. I prefer it this way - what do you think?

Capturing December day 21: Peace
Another hard theme to photograph, so there's a bit of an abstract approach again. It's a picture of our bed...

We've yet to decorate our bedroom, but I've included this as sleeping here since we've returned from our holiday has been peaceful. 

Mainly because we don't have air conditioning going!!

We don't need it here, but definitely needed it in Barbados. 

Capturing December day 22: tradition 
This is something MOH is becoming known for, and it's a good thing!Christmas pudding!!

It's becoming tradition for MOH to make it. 

In fact it was requested by my mum as our contribution to the family feast on Christmas Day. Which is more than fine by me. 

The thing is my mum doesn't even eat Christmas pudding!  She says she gets loads of compliments when she serves it, and the leftovers, so why change a winning pudding. 

Fair point!

Capturing December day 23: scarf
This couldn't have been chosen for a better day!  It was my first day back in the office (and my last for this year) and although it's warm here in London the forecast 11 degrees had nothing on the 28-30 degrees we've just left!

The picture is of my scarf, which I needed today...

It's also a view I saw quite a lot of as it was so windy it kept being blown into my face! 

I told you it was apt for today!

I'm planning to revert to daily posts for the remainder of December!