Capturing December day 2: favourite Christmas movie

Now this is a real tough one for me. Not because I can't choose between them but because I don't really have a favourite.

In fact I'm not sure I even have a favourite movie at all, let alone a Christmas one...

So I've chosen Love Actually mainly because I have it on DVD - it was a present!

I'm pretty sure it's a good film and it has Christmas on the box so I'm sure this counts....

You never know this may even prompt me to watch it again and rediscover it!

I'm not totally averse to watching films or DVDs, although it's true I rarely go to the cinema. 

I'm currently watching the latest series of The Good Wife on DVD - that's because it was on over the summer when our TV was mostly unplugged and covered in dust sheets!

Throughout December I'm aiming to post a photo a day as part of this Capturing December challenge.