Capturing December day 29: sky view

Today we've spent some time blitzing the conservatory ahead of entertaining MOH's family next weekend in an attempt to get straight(er) before they arrive. Where we'd lost heart (and interest tbh) when the decorating was getting too hard to make happen we'd not really had the impetus to sort things out.

But today we did, despite this mornings frost which always makes our conservatory a bit chilly. 

It did provide today's picture though, looking up through the frost to the ivy which needs cutting back - each year there's one bit that outdoes itself and grows much further than the rest -  to the sky.

This photo was taken around 9am this morning but looks as if it could have been in the early evening...

A good day today, clearing and cleaning and moving things around. And only one broken nail to show for it :(

Throughout December I'm aiming to post a photo a day as part of this Capturing December challenge.