Capturing December day 1: my view today

This has been my view for a lot of today:

I was called in to give MOH a hand fitting the new letterbox. For weeks he's been convinced that the new one won't fit and had been be-moaning why manufacturers make things with holes in different places...

With some strategic "filing" from both of us and much trying it to see if it was too much (it never was) and some brute force, the new letterbox was in.

That meant I was dismissed and he got on with fitting the back of the letterbox, that is complete with draught excluder.

It's timely as there was a heck of a draught coming in. There's still a bit coming in the bottom of the door so next on our list is some kind of brush draught excluder for there and for the internal porch door. Although sometimes draughts are just part of living in an old property.

Throughout December I'm aiming to post a photo a day as part of this Capturing December challenge.