52 cookbooks: A cookbook a week challenge

When I read about this challenge on The Crazy Kitchen blog I knew it was something I should take part in. I too have the books to see me through until at least the end of the year (!) and MOH berates me for not using them regularly!

This time of year is usually a good time of year to add to my cookbook haul, and this Christmas was no exception as I was lucky enough to receive three new books... There's already recipes I want to cook but I'm pretty sure I'll need some extra motivation to actually cook something from these books.

Hopefully this is where the "52 Cookbook" challenge devised by Mary from Keynko will come in.  She will be cooking something she's never cooked before from one of her many cook books - 52 of them to be precise, hence the name of the challenge and is asking fellow bloggers to cook along with her. I have the kit so I'm going to try and join in every week too. 

So keep popping back to see how we all get on!