Bluewater on a Saturday... What was I thinking?

We're not great ones for mooching around the shops. Don't get me wrong, we can shop and can shop well enough to be in with a chance of winning Online Shopper of the Year, it's just that when we go shopping it's out of necessity, rather than a leisure activity.  We're the "go to the shops we've named, purchase or check out the things we said" kind of shoppers.

But there are days when needs must. When we have those days - it usually means it's time for Christmas shopping (not today though, we're not starting that until the month begins with D) or something we want to see before we buy - the shopping trip usually takes place after work, not on a Saturday afternoon...  

What were we thinking?

It seems, the same thing as half of Kent and South East London, all of which thought Bluewater on a Saturday afternoon might be a good idea!  As we approached (one of) the car parks I was beginning to see the error of our ways. In this particular car park the board was showing that 2 spaces were available!!  

Two.  Maybe hunt the parking space is your idea of fun, it's certainly not mine. So this meant we headed for a different to usual car park (aren't we creatures of habit, even where we park at shopping "malls"!)

Parked and inside, we got our bearings and hit the first shop on our list I replenished my sock collection, MOH exchanged a Christmas present and we were off. Superdry was next for a plain(ish) white t-shirt for MOH and if we saw one any t-shirt with a velour-type logo (we didn't find one of those). Next up the real purpose of our trip. John Lewis for some new pillows! Such a rock and roll lifestyle!

About a week and a half ago I must have slept awkwardly and have had a stiff neck and shoulder ever since (yes, worse than normal). It's improving, but still isn't right... I'm not sure a game of netball last weekend really helped but hey ho I said I'd play. For the past few nights I've used pillows from our spare bedroom and they've felt more comfortable and supporting. 

We decided it was time for new pillows. So that's why we headed to Bluewater, to squeeze the pillows before we bought them!  

While we were there we checked out the Stockholm Design Block Light, but rejected this as it wasn't really what we were after. It's nice but was smaller than we imagined and gave out less light than we hoped too. We're not sure John Lewis were showing it off to its best advantage either, but at £165 we decided to pass. We had been considering it for our new wooden unit (this one - the one we've (I've) loved for a long time!) 

But we did manage to pick up some bargain-priced bed linen for our bedroom, which will fit with the new colour scheme as we redecorate ( I hope!) The extra pillowcases don't exactly match, but this is the brave new me going for the contrast... That and because they appealed more than plain white or mis-matching second pillowcases!

But the big lesson from today is avoid out of town shopping centres on Saturdays!!