Go, go, go then slump...

This weekend started so well on the active front. Both MOH and I working in tune together to prepare for his family's arrival and "Christmas" (as we weren't all able to get together to celebrate before now) and technically it's still Christmas, the eleventh day...

This was the first time we've had house guests since the first phase of our decorating had finished, and to be honest we needed to do a fair bit of prep beforehand. Small things like clearing our small bedroom of boxes, pictures and other paraphernalia so the futon could be unfolded. Our other spare bedroom needed less work, but it needed some tidying just the same. Having guests did give the opportunity to use our new bedding...

It's amazing how new sheets don't need stretching and pulling so they fit over the mattress, and this was a good reminder that we need new bedding for our own bedroom!

After fighting with the duvet cover the new bedding was on and it's a good match to the room decor

Although I'm not sure the pattern exactly goes with our handmade quilt (made by my mum as a wedding present), but I'm sure if it's cold enough that won't matter!

With the bedrooms sorted (I don't have photos worth sharing of the smaller bedroom) it was onto food preparation... I always have plans of starting early and being on top of things, but it rarely works out that way. 

And I always  have ambitious plans, only some of the time does that work out...  I managed to find time to make a stollen wreath cake - I mostly followed this recipe on the BBC site - and it turned out well. I slightly amended the fruit and nut quantities and added a layer of marzipan mid-way through the cake. 

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the full cake, but I used my bundt tin to give it a bit of Christmas pizazz - the cake disappeared quickly and we just have a quarter left, so I think the adjustments worked!

By midnight I fell into bed leaving MOH and his parents with the washing up.

This morning we were up to cook bacon and eggs for breakfast. After saying goodbye to our guests we've slumped and spent the rest of the day on our sofa dozing in front of the television and with the Sunday papers. 

As I said we started off so well, perhaps we were over-ambitious with the amount that needed doing, perhaps this Christmas holiday and Barbados trip before that has left us more relaxed than we realised. Tomorrow it's back to work though, so that's likely to be another tiring day, hopefully many other people will be in similar positions so maybe, just maybe we'll all go easy on each other!