Loved it, bought it and now it's here!

We first saw this unit many years ago at a Grand Designs Live show. At the time we considered it for our downstairs, but didn't think it would work - I can't remember why exactly we thought this, but we did. 

We saw it again recently and I still loved it. MOH was also still keen on it (I'm not sure he'd want me to say he loved it too) so we headed to Raft's shop in Bromley to check it out. It was fab, and was just as I remembered it.

I had no idea why we'd rejected it years earlier. It was further back than we thought though as the salesman in the shop said they'd never been to a Grand Designs Live and he'd worked with the company over 5/6 years...

We decided to wait for the January Sales as there were none in stock. The salesman clearly wanting to make the sale, warned us there wouldn't be much off. Once we'd determined there would be something off the price it was a no-brainer. Heading home we re-measured and re-measured until we were sure it would fit. And then we waited for the sale...

The salesman was right, there wasn't much off but we'd take 10% thank you very much. Better news they were now in stock, so we ordered it. Two days later Raft phoned to arrange delivery just a week after we'd placed the order.

So exciting!

And it arrived on Friday.  This is it in-situ - we needed to move our standard lamp to the other end of the sofa and swap it with the spotlight shown in the picture. But that was easy enough to do.

It had a bit of a wobble though...

I should say that was due to the floor, not the unit. Our house dates from around 1890 and despite having had all the period features removed in the 70s/80s there's still some quirkiness in places.

[I think the token candle in this picture is MOH's attempt to style the photo!]

It also needed to go further back against the wall and MOH set about removing the beading that acted as both a gap-and-draught-preventer and a prettier edge. Luckily we'd bought some door and window draught excluder on a recent trip to B&Q so we stuffed that down the larger holes and finished with a double layer along the length of the section of skirting.  Extra draught excluder in our house, is no bad thing at all!

So now it's back in place (but too dark to be photographed) and ready to be filled, which leaves us with another challenge as the corner of the room is now much darker than we're used too (after having moved the standard lamp!). MOH has already spotted a light by Design House Stockholm that may do the trick. So more shopping might be needed!