My word and goals for 2014

I've seen the idea of not making New Year's resolutions and replacing them with a single word on a couple of blogs  - at Ali Edwards - over the past week or so, and I liked the idea. Since then I've seen many more bloggers post their word for the year. It seems your word finds you. And my word found me. My word for 2014 is active. 

For me active is about being physically active as well as for getting things done at home rather than procrastinating (which I can be prone to!).  I know I do more when I'm motivated so I hope by having this as my word it will help me remember my goals for the year. 

I was talking about the concept of having a single word for the year with MOH and he seemed open to that too. He asked for some suggestions of words, but wasn't so keen on the words I suggested for him - they were "listen" and "multi-task" !!  After about thirty minutes or so he came up with invest as his own word for the year. Not bad going at all, and not a bad word either as for him this is about investing in training and knowledge as well as making the most of his financial investments.

I can't quite get out of setting specific activities though, so rather than call them resolutions I'm going to call them goals!  

  1. Grow this blog and do more crafts

  2. Master and succeed at the 5:2 diet

  3. Use all the things we have, eat the food we've got and will grow and wear all the clothes I have

  4. Get down to one fridge-freezer...

  5. Complete the house re-decorations we started last year and

  6. Achieve balance between work and home life so we can live not exist!

Wish us luck and stay tuned to see how we, well mostly I get on!