Netball and the Battle of London finals don't mix!

I was hoping to post about an exciting evening of International Netball this morning, however last night's matches were moved and played behind closed doors following damage to the playing surface at the Copper Box (there's more on that on the BBC Sport website.)

England had been doing well in the series too and needed a win over New Zealand to take the series...

For me, it was also a chance to meet up with some netball friends that I don't see that often and look out for other fellow netballers in the crowd! Unfortunately it wasn't to be - on either my social front or the more serious business of the Tri Series - and the change of venue and lack of a home crowd can't have helped England. 

Clearly they couldn't play on the damaged surface, but there's a lesson in there for the venue's management team (and no doubt publicity they could have done without!). Let's hope they learn from it.  

Ah well, until next time then...