Our CD jigsaw rack

MOH has been missing his music. All of our CDs are still packed away in boxes as the CD unit is off the wall and in pieces. It's a great rack from Unto this last, and doubles up as a mind puzzle too!

MOH was confident he didn't need instructions to reassemble it. And it started well...

But then there was a loss of confidence, he was straight on the internet to recheck the instructions. 

Starting again and it was my job to read the instructions. 

Now we were making progress...

As you can see it just slots together

And here it is done. 

Now to lift it up... Gently does it!

Success!  It's back on the wall and CDs are gradually creeping back into it. They will need to move again because as you can see it belongs on the wall that still needs decorating...

...but at least he can have his music relatively easily!