Our storm damage from the Christmas Eve storm

We woke Christmas Eve morning to discover we'd suffered some damage overnight in the storm. Initially all we saw was that the plastic table protector had blown off, so not too bad, or so we thought...

On closer inspection MOH saw that a large piece of lead had fallen off the roof at the front which had narrowly missed falling on either of the two cars parked below it. How lucky was that?  Later I discovered that one of our plants - a large hebe - and 5 fence panels had also blown down. Thankfully though, not the two that we'd just had replaced which were damaged in the October storm. 

This was the piece of lead that fell, we were lucky there was nothing underneath it

This is where it landed, between the two parked cars

This is where it came from, you can see there is another piece just waiting to drop (it's over a week since the storm now and it's still hanging on up there)

A closer view of the damaged roof

And of the piece of lead still attached, which has shaped itself around the box guttering

And a blurred picture of what it should look like, thankfully there was no damage at the back

And to think this is what we initially thought the storm had done!

And this is the hebe that was damaged in the wind, it's just snapped at the base so there really is no saving it

And we have the open-plan approach to gardens again with our neighbour. Five further panels are down. With these five and the two we've just had replaced it only leaves two more panels from the original fencing!

Upon further investigation at the front, we discovered this capping stone bore the brunt of the falling lead. The lighter marks in this photo is where it's scratched, but it's amazing that it didn't suffer anything more. 

And here's the lead that fell, it almost looks like it could be our very own piece of modern art!

We've been in touch with our insurers and they are unsurprisingly busy as the UK is battered by storms! They'll send their assessor to visit next Friday and in the meantime we can go ahead and get estimates for the repair work. But if it was only that easy, with many companies closed for the Christmas period we've struggled to even get in touch with people, hopefully this will change from Monday though. 

We haven't had much luck with storms this winter. Hopefully this will be the limit of the damage we experience. We know we are lucky as many people, especially the coastal communities around the country have had it much worse than us - that must be devastating - and we hope they are able to get the help they need to get themselves sorted as soon as they can.