The Christmas Eve storm, one month on

It's been just over a month since the Christmas Eve storm and as yet we haven't made much progress in fixing either the roof or the fence.  It's all a bit frustrating, but we know our damage is way less than experienced by others. We also know that the area affected is wide-ranging so the insurance companies and their contractors are busy, but it's still a little frustrating nonetheless.

Yesterday the insurance company phoned about the roof - I'd been meaning to phone them, so that was a nice gesture, and as a result of that conversation we're expecting to hear in the next few days when the contractor will visit to assess the work needed. We've had the insurance assessor visit so have passed the first gateway!

There's slightly better news on the fence replacement work - we're way past repairs for this! - and the gardener is booked in for February 13th, thankfully not a Friday!

Before then I've some ivy to cut down on one of the fence panels. There's still some time for this to happen before I need to don my waterproofs to do this.

That said as the weather's remained "changeable" I do wonder if the gardeners are on track to make that day... Hopefully he will be and by the time he's finished we will have a completely new fence on that side, so if there are further storms we'll be ok. 

Last weekend I managed to get out in the garden (inbetween the rain) and cut our broken bush down. It filled two trugs and made a change to have an almost full green bin!

I've left the root and remaining branches as it's not dead, just a little broken. It's off the grass which was my main objective. We'll have to see how it goes with this one.  If it makes it that's good news, but it will be much smaller. Thankfully though we don't have a gap as there was another bush, with some lovely berries, behind this one (which we never really saw as it was obscured...!) so it's not all bad!

In the past month I've tied this table cover back on at least twice. It was windy again today and I fully expect to need to tie it on again next weekend! ...I must remember next time to take out some replacement ties, so it's the last time I do that for a while!

There's lots of jobs piling up around the garden, as well as doing more baking in February I hope to spend more time in the garden. Let's hope the weather plays ball!