52 Cookbooks #7: Fish and artichoke pilaf

This week I've chosen a recipe from the cookbook that filled me with dread the moment MOH presented it..

Yes, MasterChef everyday. Now don't get me wrong I like to watch the programme (all the varieties) and marvel at what's made - mostly in awe, but sometimes in horror - it's just that I'm not that keen on replicating them in my own kitchen. Perhaps due to a lack of patience, or something...

I would, of course be pretty happy to eat any of the creations from this book if anyone would care to cook them for me. ...Did I mention that some of the recipes last for 3-4 pages? Yikes!

Just when I was beginning to think looking for a recipe I'd consider attempting was a bad move, I discovered the end section of the book which contains more manageable recipes. And to be fair these were much more appealing and so I became spoilt for choice. 

I chose this fish and artichoke pilaf as the ingredients listed matched my store cupboard (bar the parsley). 

My pilaf looked a bit slushier than the picture in the book, so I spent a little longer cooking it out than the recipe suggested. Next time I'd go more carefully adding the liquid, but it was too late for that this time round. 

The verdict:

It looked ok, and tasted ok too. I'd halved the recipe as I didn't need a recipe serving 4-6 for just the two of us. The portions were generously sized as we had a smaller second portion and there was still enough left to freeze some for a later date. 

I think there are other recipes (towards the back of the book) that I'd try, but I don't think this will become my "go to" cookbook, and I think it highly unlikely I'll ever try any of the lengthy recipes, or even any of those that have been "reworked" so they're suitable for a home kitchen.  

I will of course continue to watch MasterChef and critique the food from the comfort of my sofa!

Thanks Mary at Keynko for hosting this challenge.