A COOK for my kitchen

Over the past few days I've started to decorate the COOK I bought back in the autumn of last year. I'd already persuaded MOH to paint them white as I wasn't sure the paper mâché brown they came in would be completely covered by the lighter decoupage papers I'd also bought. 

As we started to unpack the items for the shelves above the sink the white COOK was beginning to take up residence, and we were beginning to get used to seeing them as white, so I knew it was time to make a start on these. 

I decided to start on the K (and forgot to take a picture with a white COO). I was looking forward to seeing how the spotty pattern would work out, and it looks ok. I tore the decoupage papers and I can see the tear marks if I look closely, so I think I'll go over this again before I seal it. 

As you can see I progressed to the second O and was really pleased how this one turned out. The pattern helped I think as it wasn't uniform. Each time I decorated a letter I had the Winter Olympics on the TV in the background, so for me I really did have the best of both worlds!

Next up was the first O and The Big Decision, which was what colour. I'd bought four different but complementary papers and my original plan was to decorate each letter using one of these designs. However putting the decorated letters back in situ I knew fairly early on that I wanted the C to have some red in it, whether that was the spotty red or the white with red of the already decorated O. 

The paper choices left were a crackled gold pattern in a white background or a newsprint design. You'll see that I chose the newsprint design for the first O and again I'm pleased with this lighter background paper. 

For the C I decided to go bold and use the red spotty paper again! learning from the K I'd cut the paper into strips rather than tearing it and this did work better. I still think I want to touch up the C and the K but I'm pleased with the overall result. 

I also don't think that these will come under a great amount of scrutiny from everyone else, but you know how when you've done something you're often just a little bit more critical than others - I think that's what's happening in this case. The other reason is because they are level with the top of our kitchen wall cupboards and we don't know very many tall people!!

These were easy to do - even the curves - and I found them quite therapeutic. I'd definitely tackle some more in the future but I'm wary about going OTT with these as I imagine having them in every room would be a bit twee... 

But where is the line for OTT-ness?