Call Everyone Dave Day and memories of my Hen night

I love this as a way to remember the late Roger Lloyd-Pack who played Trigger in Only Fools and Horses for many years and who had a habit of calling Rodney Dave!  It was a simple gag, that I never tired of!

And it needed comic genius to deliver it many, many times!  This Idea of calling everyone Dave triggered (pun intended!) memories of my Hen night back in May 2007... It was a bit of a mammoth affair starting for an almost sensible afternoon tea with a group of girlfriends at a Burlesque club near Holborn.

We'd decided that we wanted to dress up rather than have printed Hen t-shirts so the dress code was "Boas, Lippy and Sunglasses" it was great fun to wear the boas and shades travelling up to London on the train. People were clearly wondering what was going on but none were quite brave enough to ask!

Then we moved onto cocktails in Covent Garden and as the evening progressed our numbers dwindled until there were only three... It was then we hit on the idea to call everyone Dave.  As we walked back along the streets looking for a cab there were many "alright Dave?" asked of the often unsuspecting males of London. The funniest reaction was one guy who was clearly shocked and replied "how did you know my name?!"  Clearly we didn't, but poor, poor lad!

Somewhere along the way we clearly all piled into a photo booth for this picture!

I finally got home (by taxi) around three in the morning and despite my best efforts to be quiet woke MOH whose verdict was that I was relatively sober considering I'd been out for pretty much twelve hours!