Five hundred miles...

For the last few months of 2013 and into 2014 I've been using Bupa's Ground Miles app to record how far I walk and challenge myself to walk a little bit further.  

Actually I should clarify that as this app can only record how far I walk if I actually carry my iPhone around with me, otherwise it doesn't work!

While I was working, despite being office-based reaching my self-imposed target of 21 miles a week was relatively easy - the hardest bit was actually remembering to pick up my iPhone!  However, since the start of February when my lifestyle changed and I'm at home more I've noticed I'm walking less, a lot less. 

That's coincided with some awful weather which hasn't helped... but really, I wouldn't have skipped work, and therefore walking just because it was raining and a bit (ok a lot) windy, now would I?

500 miles in five months isn't that far, however on the past fortnight's performance it will give me a realistic challenge. I anticipated my lifestyle change when I chose active as my word of the year and I know for a short while I'm going to need to work at this to incorporate active into my home-based life.  So now's the time for me to step up my mileage again (pun intended!) and hit that 21 mile target each week and no slacking!

To spur me on I've decided to set a larger number (in much the same way that Bupa did - although their number is way larger than mine!) to give me something to aim at, so in the words of The Proclaimers I will walk five hundred miles by the end of July this year (I'm not sure they set a deadline though!)

I've started well, dragging a cold-laden MOH out for a five miler on Sunday and notching up another four miles yesterday getting home only to realise that Sunday was last week, not this week according to the app and therefore won't count towards the 500.  Maybe that's just as well as otherwise last week's stats would be dire, but it does leave me more miles than I anticipated to clock up before next Sunday (which is still this week according to the app!)

Five hundred miles in five (or so) months might not seem like much of a challenge to you, but to me with a changed lifestyle it is. In the past fortnight, without the five miler mentioned above I've totalled just eight miles a week, so I've some work to do to get on schedule.  

The challenge, and real success for me will be to introduce the mileage as part of my new lifestyle so walking just becomes something I do, in the same way it was very much part of my office lifestyle.  

So excuse me but I may obsess over this for a little while, with at least monthly updates here while I walk towards my goal!