Greenwich Food Fest

The Greenwich Food Fest was held today in Greenwich Market. It was billed as a festival to "bring together a collection of London’s quality food and drink producers, an assortment of the city’s multicultural street foods and live music to celebrate London’s passion for great food."

The day was in support of Greenwich Food Bank, which is part of the national network of food banks which rely on donations to help feed local people in crisis.

I got there just after 3 o'clock and it was already quite busy - it's half-term here, but it wasn't overrun with families in fact the crowd seemed pretty mixed, and there was a wide variety of food on offer. 

This is a great way to raise money and awareness for food bank and for the individual suppliers and for Greenwich too, let's hope it happens again next year.  Perhaps next year though it could last later than 7pm so those who work could stop off for dinner on the way home, I know MOH was disappointed to miss this. 

There was bread

Lots of cakes - I left with a slice of treacle tart for later, which was delish!

Some truffles

Beautiful desserts

And yes, those meringues really looked that good and deserved a closer look (but I resisted)

There were many savoury dishes to choose from too, I was tempted by the chickpea tagine 

But in the end settled for the Moong Dal Dosa

It was divine...

It was a close call though as I was also tempted by the Beef Rendang. After I'd finished my Dosa I hit on the brilliant idea of getting some of the Rendang for tea.  However, when I got back to the stall it was all gone...

I walked back to Blackheath through Greenwich Park - today has been the second day without rain, so it was good to be able to get some fresh air without getting soaked!  These hellebores were also relishing the break in the weather and in the sun their bright lime flowers really stood out despite their shyness!  

Perhaps Spring isn't that far away after all?