Love this #22: Net10 for Life

Between 2-16 March Netballers everywhere will, I hope be supporting England Netball's Net10 for Life initiative to raise money for Cancer Research UK. I know I will be, I'm not much of a runner or one for organised races (I think I must still bear the scars from having to run the 800m at school sports days!) so while Race for Life is good, it's not for me. This however plays to my love of netball and raises money for Cancer Research UK, I'm definitely in for this. 

My team* have three games during the fortnight (one on the 8/3 and two on 15/3) and I'm going to donate 10p for every goal scored in those games.  I'm due to play in one of the games on the 15th, not sure what position I'll be playing yet - maybe shooting, maybe not - I'm undecided if me playing GS or GA will be a good thing, or not...!

This is a great and inventive initiative from England Netball - finding a cure for cancer is close to my heart, so I hope many netballers and non-netballers will support this.  I'll let you know how my team and donation goes...

Find out more and donate at

* unfortunately we don't have a team name that's anywhere near as fancy as the teams in the example, we're known on court as Bank!