Lumpy leftover pheasant pie!

And it all started so well!  I'd cooked a whopper of a pheasant for dinner last Sunday along with some bacon and prunes, and had plenty of meat left for another meal.  I thought it would make a good entry into February's no waste food challenge which I'd read about on Fiona's London Unattached site. 

As I said it all started well. There was leftover pheasant meat, some uncooked swede leftover from an earlier Burns night supper, some shallots left from a dinner MOH cooked that had a balsamic shallot sauce (yum!). I had some thyme to pep the flavours up a bit, added a chopped carrot and a couple of sliced portobello mushrooms to give some added interest. 

I'd even got some of the original cooking liquid to reuse, which had all the goodness of slow cooked onions and lardons within...

Still going well, and now I was ready for the (shop-bought) puff pastry top...

...and that's where it went a bit wrong!  And I've no idea why (if anyone knows I'd be interested to know as I don't have a lot of luck with pastry). 

I'd added a ring of pastry to the inside of the pie dish, as previously my pastry has done a runner from the edge of the dish. That wasn't the issue this time. This time the pastry seemed to mould itself to the filling, giving this lumpy appearance!

It did look slightly less odd when it was plated up, but not much!  Thankfully it tasted much nicer than it looked and MOH (aka the Pastry King in our house) was quite complimentary, maybe that was out of sympathy or maybe because he was just pleased it was supplemented by green stuff!

So I'll not be posting this leftover dinner on the Linky after all, but I will continue to make the most of all the food we have, even if there are a few mishaps along the way!