My walk of the week: Blackheath Village, Lee and the Cator Estate

Miles walked this week: 17.42

+/- target: -3.58

So, I didn't quite make my target this week by approximately a day's walking - however I'm not too disheartened as my overall mileage is 'up' on last week (by five miles) so I'm taking this as a sign I've set myself a realistic but achievable target, but one I still have to work toward to achieve!

Walk of the week: Friday to Lee through Blackheath Village and back home via the Cator Estate

Distance: 5.6 miles

I've set myself a challenge to walk 500 miles by the end of July and am aiming to walk 21 miles a week. I've recently stopped working in the City and have noticed that I'm less active so I want to step up my activity and work out how I can incorporate being active in my home-based lifestyle. 

That means forcing myself to walk where I'd usually just jump in the car, as there is very little chance of reaching my goals just walking around our house and undertaking small errands. This week I discovered there's a wool shop in Lee, I've also found a pattern for a wooly hat on Ravelry so walking to the wool shop seemed ideal...

Walking into Blackheath village is a usual walk and is about a mile and a half. To be honest I was feeling a little hungover (which is unusual for me - honest) so I decided to stop on the way and treat myself to lunch. 

After lunch, feeling refuelled and having talked myself into continuing I walked through the village, along Lee Terrace and down a Dacre Park and past a house we viewed in 2002 when we were looking to buy a house. I remember it had a small, triangular courtyard garden which was the real no for us.

There was also an eccentric neighbour next door which worried us (although it looks as if they are no longer there) but there was a lovely roll top bath in a huuuge bathroom. That wasn't really for us either...

Anyway I made it to Lee High Road so my next challenge was to find the wool shop or a door number so I was heading in the right direction... In the end it was quite easy as it was pretty much opposite where I was. 

In the wool shop I had the help I needed to buy the right weight wool and the needles I needed to produce my hat (more on that to follow in a later post!). It's been a while since I knitted anything, so wish me luck!

With my wool (actually enough for two hats - so look out as the weather is bound to improve now), needles and a couple of funky stitch holders I was ready to head back. Btw I'm sure stitch holders were never this funky when I was knitting before - they're like small brightly coloured safety pins!

I decided to walk back a different way, so headed along the Lee High Road towards the New and the Old Tigers Head pubs. Bizarrely it's the New Tigers head that's shut, while the Old Tigers Head remains open - I managed to walk past them without stopping and headed back towards Blackheath. 

After a small parade of shops I turned into the Cator Estate and Manor Way then Foxes Dale, both of which I hadn't been down before (see more on the history here). On my travels there were glimpses of spring trying to break through:

More crocuses alongside Morden College:

But still some berries going strong:

And a couple of squirrels (I only managed to capture one of them!) chasing each other in a mad frenzy of activity across the pavement and around and around this tree:

I returned home with my wool shop purchases and much warmer than when I left, having clocked up 5.6 miles in this explorative walk wondering why before I would have just jumped in the car for this journey (I know why really - time!) and making plans to put the kettle on and catch up on the men's curling final at the Winter Olympics where Team GB had won Silver. Not a bad day at all...