Painting project #1: Pigeon shelves

A while back I saw these fabulous pigeon shelves on the Dormy House website and fell in love with them. After lots of measuring and deliberating I decided they were just the thing for our small porch. Even better they were shallower than the unit we already had in the porch, which MOH regularly moans about because the front door doesn't open properly (not that we need it to all of the time...)

Anyway with more measuring and speaking to the friendly Dormy House people I worked out I could fit two shelf units in the porch, one on top of the other and still there'd be some room for our recycling crates.

We were undecided on which colour to order so decided to order the unfinished versions so we could paint whichever colour took our fancy!  Then all we needed to do was get around to ordering them. A post-Christmas sale helped persuade us the timing was right and they arrived this week. 

They were extremely well packaged, but I was a bit peeved about the large stickers that said I was signing as "being received in good condition". As soon as they were in, and signed for the courier was off so I was glad I'd thought to annotate his sheet with "received unchecked". 

After checking they seem in good condition and were wrapped really well, so they should be unharmed but those large stickers were still annoying!

So what I need now is some dry weather so I can begin to contemplate the colour and get started. Normally that shouldn't be too much to ask, but given the weather we've had and that forecast I think I'll be holding off starting these...

...then once they're painted I'll be able to ponder what to put in them!