Pumpkin marmalade and a new fence

There's three good things in this post; the first is correcting my pumpkin marmalade. Yes pumpkin. In marmalade. My dad grows pumpkins and I had two left (now just one) and I was on the lookout for how I could use one of the pumpkins before it turned...

I'd seen recipes for pumpkin marmalade on the internet and they intrigued me. There's no reason why this can't work and I've made jam with marrow and courgettes before and making chutney or jam is a good way of returning the veg to my dad!

But it'd given me some problems and refused to set. The photo below shows the before and after versions. I'd taken to the internet again to work out how I could fix the lighter coloured, runny marmalade. The results of my research was to add half a cup of preserving sugar and bring the marmalade back to a hard boil. 

This seemed to do the trick, although I wasn't certain when I decanted it to jars. There was enough left to leave a small bowl of marmalade ready for breakfast, so imagine my joy to discover it had set and looked like "proper" marmalade. 

I did have a use for the "runny" version, and that was to use as a topping on our pudding - a steamed vanilla sponge. I'm definitely cooking this again, but hopefully next time without the need for the intervention!

There was more good news in the garden too.  During the week the fence panels that blew down in the Christmas Eve storm were replaced. Even better news was that they stayed put during the recent Valentines storm!

If you're wondering why the posts are so tall, that's because we will have trellis on the top of these panels however these aren't available right now as there's such a demand for fence panels the man who usually makes the trellis has been diverted to making fence panels to help this particular yard try to meet their orders!

Yesterday also saw me venture out onto the netball court for the second time this year, but this time in my favoured position of Wing Attack (WA). Which despite the weather is the final good thing of this post - what a day to play netball in!  During the 60 minute game we experienced rain, wind, sleet, sun, a rainbow and to finish it off some more driving rain. Nice. However we won the game something like 38-19 so it turned out all right (sort of!) but I was glad to get home and into the warm though!