Another week, another 23 miles walked

I ended last week's update with advice to myself to spread the mileage out across the week...  Good advice, but I blew that on Monday when I clocked up 9.75 miles spending the afternoon Wandering the South Bank! Hmmmnn...

I had one other "above target" day which was on Wednesday with another visit to the City for evening drinks and dinner, clocking up 4.6 miles. 

And finally after three weeks of this challenge, on Friday I managed my first "on target" day. This involved meeting friends for lunch in Balham so it's not going to be a day I can repeat that regularly otherwise I'd need to walk much more than three miles a day!

So this week I've added 23.27 miles to my total, which makes 64.67 miles overall. 

+/- weekly target: +2.27

+/- overall target: +1.67

There's still a fair way to go though: