Boston to New York, have a badge...

The app I'm using to record my mileage has badges to keep up motivation. Most are pretty normal and things you'd expect. The one that popped up during this week was quite unexpected:

Passport not required!

It seems it's the only one of this kind, but who knows maybe more will pop up at some point.  Remember I've used this app since last autumn so not all of these kilometres will count towards my 500 miles

Last week was a good week though and I clocked up another 25.42 miles making my total mileage 90.09 - most of the miles were clocked up on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and I've noticed that I'm reaching my weekly target earlier in the week. It was on Friday this week, which is the earliest yet. 

For completeness, here's the stats:

Miles this week: 25.42

Total mileage so far: 90.09

+/- weekly target: +4.42

+/- overall target: +6.09

Looking forward to this week I look set to pass the first hundred miles, but how many miles above that will I manage?