Last week's walks & footwear choices

Last week's walks were mostly functional. I'm fine with functional, as if you remember part of the challenge for me is how I can incorporate more activity in my home-based lifestyle. However I recognise that functional walks won't make very interesting reading (or even writing), so I've taken a different approach for this week and focused on footwear.  Shoes are always going to increase interest levels, well in my book anyway!

I've walked 23.98 miles this week, making my overall total: 41.40 miles (out of 500 milesI'm pleased as I've made up some of last week's deficit, although perhaps I should try and even out my mileage across the week... we'll see how that goes!

+/-weekly target: +2.98

+/- overall target: -0.60 

Monday (miles today: 4.26) a functional, but essential walk today to Sainsburys to avert a tea bag crisis (there were only two left in the house, not sure if this was a shopping malfunction or also related to my change in lifestyle). While I was at it I even made it along to B&Q for some heavy duty sacks, I'm so rock 'n roll. However, my purely functional walk was pepped up by my lovely pink velour plimsolls. 

Tuesday (2.01 miles) it was shaping up to be an "at home" day, and slippers were the main footwear du jour:

However, a late dash to the green grocers meant an early (in the year) outing for my Josef Siebel mules:


Wednesday (1.78 miles) MOH was off work today, using up leave and as it was sunny we decided to get some much needed jobs jobbed in the garden, meaning my well worn aubergine Hunter's were the natural choice:


Thursday (7.73 miles) a day out and about in town, there's been a National Trust garden, lunch out, a British Library exhibition and drinks this evening. You can probably work out which footwear made an outing for a glass of vino or two...

Friday (1.72 miles) today didn't quite go to plan, mostly because I think I overdid it yesterday (walking, not vino) and my legs still ached when I woke up this morning.  Consequently I've had a lazy day but was determined to get out so amended my plans; somehow though I managed to wait until the very moment it started raining.  

And then I also discovered my "go to" winter shoes to wear with jeans have a hole in them. I told you it wasn't a great day...

Saturday (1.32 miles) yet another netball game (and no I'm not counting that in my 500 miles - I would but I'm not sure my iPhone would survive or if the league rules would permit such frivolity), so today was mostly spent in trainers:

Sunday (5.16 miles) Rain was forecast for 3pm or 5pm or 6pm depending on which forecast you looked at, so it made sense to get out for a stroll before that. MOH suggested a stroll into the Village (Blackheath's that is) but that didn't seem very inspiring so rather than turning right as we left our front door we decided to turn left for a change and head towards Severndroog Castle - a folly in Oxleas Wood - which many years before we'd seen "compete" for restoration funding on the TV. 

So that was last week. I'm looking forward to seeing what walks (and how many miles) this week brings and I'm hoping to add at least another 21 miles to my tally.