Learn the alphabet backwards in less than 15 minutes

I bet you think that's not possible, right?  However, I know it is. Why?  Because I've done it, and you can too.

Now stay with me on this... Imagine a Viking, a wizened old Viking with white hair and horns on his hat. Got a mental image? Right, his name is ZY,  he's an ex-warrior (XW) and his hobby the one he passionately cares for is Cute Baby Alligators (CBA). 

Our story is building up, as I'm sure is the picture in your mind. 

One day his wife called out to him and he replied "VUTS this?"  - imagine him shouting "what's this" in your best Viking accent!  

Being frustrated with her husband, she shouted that they "R QPON for MLK" - the Viking translation for this is that they "are coupons for milk!"

The MLK (or milk) comes in a JIHG, which is the old Viking spelling for

a jug (trust me!)  And do you know what, the milk (in a jug) is needed to FED (sic - Viking spelling again) the Cute Baby Alligators, which as we know is our Viking's great passion. 

So there we have it, a way to learn how to recite the alphabet backwards.

Still don't believe me?  

Try this short quiz:

What's the Viking's name?


What was he?


What did he call out to his wife?


And her frustrated response was?


What was the milk in?


And what was it for?


There you go, using the story as prompts with a few more practice runs you'll be able to recite the alphabet backwards almost as easily as we "sing it in our heads" in the right order!

With thanks to Craft Communications who demonstrated this at the recent Hedron networking event.