Love this #24: Rockett St George vintage feel side tables

These are a new offering from Rockett St George, which I'm very tempted by. MOH often bemoans our lack of a coffee table or somewhere to put his cuppa, so I could be onto something with these...

For me, in this house a coffee table doesn't work as it eats up valuable floor space in our main living area, which means as you skirt past it to avoid catching your shins you swerve into the spiral staircase hitting your bonce instead. Neither a bruised bonce or scraped shins are a good look in my book and that is why we do not (and will not be having) a coffee table m'lud. 

MOH did have one when we moved in and it was in prime coffee table position briefly until I'd suffered enough and was able to shift it out into the Conservatory and then finally onto eBay and out the front door...

Anyway, I digress.  Coffee tables are out, but side tables could most definitely be in. These look great and so far away from the tradional nested tables of the seventies (sorry if you have those and love them dearly). 

They do have a touch of a vintage feel about them and I like that they're "airy" - I've nothing against the potential nested-ness of these and think that it actually makes them more versatile. They've a glass top too which again helps with the wispy feel. 

At £149 for the pair I should be looking out my tape measure to see if they really are suitable for our space before starting the big sell on MOH!

For more info on the tables, see the Rockett St George site