Love this #25: A garden diary

I read about this on Gill's My Tiny Plot blog earlier in the week, and I love the simplicity of it.

I know I should make notes of what I do and when, so I get to learn what works (and what doesn't) in our garden. I often start each gardening year with good intentions, but somewhere along the way I make it complicated and it never lasts...  

I've even tried this by photographing the garden, clearly this wouldn't give me as much detail but it does mean I can look back over the years and see what our garden looked like in March and April - some years the photos extend to June, but not much past that...!

This year though I'm going to try again and to stick with it. 

I'm going to go back to basics and will ditch the electronic journaling and use a fancy notebook. And I promise I'll try not to be too angry and upset with myself when I make it muddy!

I knew I had the perfect notebook* for this, so I've dug it out so the Garden Diary can begin...  

I'm a notebook hoarder, I confess it's true!  Or alternatively... I've found this notebook's intended purpose.