Love this #26: Liberty's Ianthe Flowers pattern

For me, this is an absolute classic Liberty pattern.

Seeing the pattern recently in the Sunday Times reminded me of it and that I haven't been to Liberty for ages and must be due a visit soon!

This design - Ianthe Flowers - was created by the well known French Art Nouveau designer, René Beauclair and was originally popular as a wallpaper. It seems it was first printed on fabric in 1967 when there was a resurgence of all things Art Nouveau. 

Now it seems firmly entrenched in the classics range and it's available as scarves, fabric, furnishing fabric, bias binding and leather notebooks ...I guess if you've got something that works, you really should "work it, baby!"


The singular colour of the leather notebooks are calm and understated and show the detail of the design well.

As a self-confessed notebook hoarder I would love one of these... Yes, I definitely need to plan a trip to spend some time wandering around Liberty!

To read more about the history of Liberty see this post on The Vintage Traveler blog.