Our kitchen installation is technically finished which means...

...so is our kitchen!

It's been a long journey having our kitchen replaced but this week we finally got there. When I posted this "I'm not sure I was ready for this" post last July as they started work, I can truly say I never believed it would take us until the middle of March the following year for the work to be complete.  

We weren't helped by the Installation Manager that was assigned to us, which is ironic given his job title. There were whole months when he just didn't reply to emails or would reply to say "he'd look into it" then when I emailed again we would need to start the conversation again as he couldn't remember or wasn't up to speed.  Most frustrating. It seems he has left the company now though and when I set about tackling the kitchen with new resolve in the New Year I dealt with a new project manager. 

In the past few months we've made progress on

  • Realigning the boiler cupboard door so it's flush with the line of cupboards

  • Fitting a filler underneath the units to disguise the gap between wall and wall cupboard (which I'm assured is there "by design" but to us looks odd)

  • Repairing and then replacing the silicone for the glass splash back.

Which just left the additional shelf for the small (300mm) cupboard. This caused lots of air to be sucked through teeth by both the new project manager and the kitchen fitter as they assured me the shelf would be as good as useless given the pre-drilled shelf "holes" in the cupboard. 

However as I'd approached this with my trusty tape measure I knew it would work for what I wanted so I persisted. MOH collected the shelf this week from their showroom in Docklands. I was happy to fit the shelf myself, I mean how hard can it be to put four brackets in the right holes and slide the shelf in above!  

You couldn't make it up, but the shelf arrived with just three brackets. Thankfully the kitchen fitter had the forethought to leave me a set of shelf brackets in case they were missing or If there were any mishaps...

Anyway the shelf is in:

And the contents of the cupboard are back where they should be. Here's a closer look at the shelf the kitchen company told me wouldn't work:

It looks like a functioning shelf to me. Yay!  Finally!  I guess they'll want their final instalment of the payment schedule now too...  I am now happy to pay this so I won't be surprised to receive their final invoice, but without having that retainer I couldn't see how we would persuade them to finish at all. 

In celebration of having the kitchen company complete their work I also unwrapped the fish and stuck a strip of draught excluder foam in front of it so it didn't just slip off the shelf.  Having carried the fish around Dublin for the day, back in 2001 I wasn't keen for it to dive into our new quartz work top, as I believe there would only be one winner. 

So finally, we can say our kitchen is finished!