Photo-journal: A visit to Oxburgh Hall

Our first glimpses of Oxburgh Hall looked promising, what an enchanting entrance!

And the roof and chimneys!  I have been known to photograph one or two (perhaps more!) of these in the past, but I love the fancy-ness and the texture, so here's an edited sample:

It's true, Oxburgh Hall was just as enchanting as our first glimpses promised.  I mean a moat. How fairy tale?

And who could miss this photo opportunity?!

There's more too, as the weather was good we headed off around the grounds before going into the house:

We found the (as we later discovered) new den building area

Which even appealed to big kids!

I can see this will be really popular with guests young and not quite so young... Luckily with our mark made we were able to head back towards the house to see what treats it held. And did it. I loved the grandness of this ceiling:

And the diddiness of this chair:

But my favourite was these, the colours were amazing (and it's so nice to be able to photograph inside the house)

But onwards and upwards to the roof and its views...

Wow. But back down to earth as it was time for some cake:

Then a wander around the kitchen garden and the orchard:

And past a very large pear!

And a barrel of hyacinths. Beautiful. 

And beautiful summed up Oxburgh Hall - the setting, the house, the fairy tale moat and the family's history which you learn about as you move through the house.