Reawakening our garden

Earlier this week as the weather was dry and sunny and MOH's day off coincided with it nicely, we decided to spend some time in the garden. All we've really been out there for over the winter is to check on damage and count how many fence panels are down (none at the last count...), and the three times we've needed to put the plastic patio table cover back on after the high winds tried its best to remove it!

It was good to see the hellebores in flower:


And the daffodils trying their best to cheer things up:

There were a couple of things to go on the To Do list, re-bag this sand - which is a hang over from our building yard look from last summer:

And some battens which need repairing, to stop the pyracantha spearing anyone that walks past:

In the greenhouse, the lemon verbena is off to a good start:

And the fuchsias have over-wintered well in here too:

And on the vegetable plot the rhubarb is starting to grow, I've decided to track the rhubarb's progress and growth on my blog this year, so watch out for future posts on this, here's where it is now:

And after that quick tour, it was onto some work. MOH started to sweep up the many leaves and went through his annual ritual of trying to fire up the leaf blower, curse a bit, throw it down and try again.  Usually this ritual has some success and he's happily picking up and shredding leaves before depositing them in the leaf bin. It wasn't working for him this time though so he resorted to manual operation blaming "old petrol" for the lack of power tools...

I decided to make myself scarce and started hacking at the ivy on one of the few fence panels that hasn't blown down this winter; the trellis topper is damaged and needs replacing so it seems as good as time as any to tackle the ivy. This is the before photo:

Which soon became:

Oh how I wished I'd looked at these photos during the day, as after seeing the photo above I may've been tempted to cut the ivy into a pacman shape!  In the end I cut out the middle section, clearly working at a height that was comfortable for me!

It's amazing how dense the ivy was, I filled at least three trugs of clippings for our green bin and I discovered a birds nest that had been abandoned and de-housed a couple of spiders, this one seemed particularly grumpy about it, well I'd be pretty grumpy too if someone unceremoniously trashed where I lived:

We made great progress (and all the sand got re-bagged) but there is always more to do, as in any garden. I don't intend to blog about all of our garden jobs, but after the weather we've had it felt exciting to get out into the garden and start to bring it back to life. 

And today is the first day of spring after all!