Which of these shoes are the most comfortable?

Unbelievably the heels win hands down!

I was heading out for lunch yesterday and popped these flats on for the mile walk to the station. Big mistake. Pretty much as soon as I passed that point where I was "too-far-to-return-home-and-change-them" they started to make their uncomfortableness known. But I persisted. It's a girl thing. 

Almost halfway to the station I was trying to work out where I could stop and change into the heels. However I decided, for the sake of my ankles and rushing for the train to continue with the flats, but take it a little slower even if that meant getting the next train. My logic here involved not stepping into heels to walk downhill before acclimatising to the height (of the heels, not the hill). 

I made it to the station, but missed my intended train. It wasn't so bad though as that left me eight or so minutes for a quick shoe change, and the bonus was that I could sit down to do this too. Boy, did my shins appreciate this footwear change, which is odd really as I haven't worn heels for pretty much the past month (although would always wear heels in the office).

The heels were so comfortable that I still had them on when I got home around 7:30pm last night.  That's not bad when I was just going out for lunch!

So I'd say the Clarks' softwear technology really does work. Amazing, and much appreciated by me, my feet and my shins!

...And the flats? They're off to the shoe bank later today...