Wine glass racks: not just for bars!

Last July when we started to pack up our kitchen we realised we'd amassed quite a few glasses, some of which we rarely used. As we started to refill our kitchen, we found better homes for most of the glasses (including the charity shop for the ones we rarely used).  

We also bought a new unit to replace the mahogany corner unit that MOH brought from his flat some twelve years ago when we moved to 139a. We knew we wanted to use our posher glasses (bought as wedding presents) more often and realised we'd also need to be clever about how we stored them in the new unit. 

The answer was wine glass racks, the sort that you see in pubs and bars which are available on the amazing Amazon (and no doubt elsewhere). They were really good value costing just under £13 for three racks. 

Look at how professional our glass storage is now:

It's a simple thing, which makes me very happy!