136/500 miles done and my first app failure...

In the past two weeks I've added 46.30 miles to my total, which means I've well and truly passed the first hundred mile mark. During that time Davina managed her five hundred miles for Sport Relief and boy, that was a challenge and a half, but she did it raising tons of money for a really good cause.

Well done Davina!

My challenge remains one to get me more active in my home-based life and it's working. Some weeks more than others, but that's true of anything right...

Unfortunately though last Tuesday I had my first app-failure. When I checked to see how far I'd walked in the middle of the afternoon it said 0.01 and I knew that was wrong. Rather than guess how far I'd walked I've taken the reading from then on, so just 0.27 miles.

It was a good reminder to check the app was functioning before I start out! Consequently I only just scraped my 21 miles this week, and not hitting that until Sunday. But I got there - just!

Here's the figures: