500 Miles: Introducing the A and B of alphabet walks

This week I've notched up my highest mileage in a week so far, walking nearly 28 miles and yet it doesn't feel like it's been that hard. Which surely has to be good news.

To add an extra challenge while I've been out and about part-way through the week I decided to photograph things beginning with A and B and start a series of alphabet walks.

It sounds easy, and B was easy - blossom, box borders, bus stops and strangely a burnt out car... A was slightly harder and I've resisted the temptation to photograph "a so and so" and "a such and such" as it didn't feel right to cheat in the first week - not that there are any real set rules. In the A's I have some anchors, auricolas and alleys...

Enjoy the photos below and this week I'll mostly be photographing C and Ds!

The stats:

Miles this week: 27.84 miles

Total mileage so far: 164.23 miles

+/- weekly target: +6.84 miles

+/- overall target: +17.23 miles

My A and B pictures:

(L-R) Apple N Orange our green grocers, the A102,

Alleys in the City and Abchurch Yard

Auricolas, two Anchors outside the National Maritime Museum and Azaleas

Two Advance notice warning's for next week's marathon,

Blossom and a Box Border

The menu at Barbecoa, Blue houses,

the Bandstand in Greenwich Park and Barriers protecting grass seedlings

Blossom - both pink and white on one tree, the lovely Blackheath Cooks,

our Bus stop and ahem a Burnt out car in Charlton