Alphabet walks: Clocks, Cedars and a Car wash, a Drill, Daffodils and the Dome...

Yes, it's Cs and Ds this week and Cs were easier to spot than Ds which wasn't what I expected at all. 

A clock, crab apples, car wash and in the distance the circus 

My courtesy car, the car park, cask ales and a cedar

The cedars again, a cone for the marathon,

a cash machine and the blue ceanothus

A dog groomers van  - check out the number plate, Delaware Road

and in the distance The Dome (yes, it's old name!)

Daffodils, a door, a drill (on the wall) and Dine in for £10

(I told you I was struggling for Ds)

I thought this would be the first week that I didn't hit my target but as it turned out the London Marathon helped me out. I'd been having a bit of a week and feeling under the weather so wasn't getting out so much, however on Sunday we walked nearly eleven miles before my iPhone battery died so I made it past twenty one miles this week. Thankfully I also felt better and up for the walk!

My 500 Miles stats this week are:

Miles this week: 25.57 miles

Total mileage so far: 189.80 miles

+/- weekly target: +4.57 miles

+/- overall target: +21.80 miles

Day target was reached: Sunday