Alphabet walks: eggs, fruit, fences and flowers...

Well just as well it was the run up to Easter this week or I'd totally be struggling for things beginning with E and as it is I've only managed eggs - chocolate and the usual sort, but that's it. 

I've been more successful with the Fs as you'll see below. But I'm afraid that is my only success of the week as for the first time I've not met my target 21 miles. I've had a few days in the garden so have felt pretty active, but clearly I don't walk as far when I'm gardening!

Ah well, I expected there would be weeks like this and luckily I already have some miles in the bank I can draw on, so here's the stats, followed by the photos:

Miles this week: 17.73 miles

Total mileage so far: 207.53 miles

+/- weekly target: -3.27 miles

+/- overall target: +18.53 miles

Day target was reached: not reached 

Eggs, Easter eggs, Figs and Fruit

For Sale board,  Flowers outside the Florist,

a Fuschia and falling down fences

A front door, free parking and finials on a post

So, next up it's G and H.... Hmmmnn.